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Welcome!  Follow us on Twitter @AndNowFestival  &NOW 2013 is still on, flood or shine! On-site registration will be held on the 2nd floor of the University Memorial Center (1669 Euclid Ave.) in the Aspen Rooms (UMC 285-287) from 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM Thursday and Friday, and 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM on Saturday. Three-day pass: $100 One-day pass: $35


All panels scheduled for UMC 325 on Thursday have been moved to the UMC Gallery (2nd Floor).


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Tim Jones-Yelvington

Chicago, Illinois
THE ART PART: So I set out to write fiction and soon the fiction became live readings and soon the live readings became multimedia performance art and soon the texts became multigenre and/or hybrid prose objects. I have one book in print ("Evan's House and the Other Boys Who Live There", in "They Could No Longer Contain Themselves," Rose Metal Press) and one book coming in 2013 ("This is a Dance Movie!", Tiny Hardcore Press). These are both fiction. I'm working on a gnarlier "novel" project about becoming a literary pop star. It involves a lot of glamour, violence, vanity and ilolatry. Related to that project, I've been making DIY dance pop songs influenced by literary/art theory. You can listen to some on youtube, our soundcloud. I want to become a maenad. I've also got a young adult novel drafted about a petulant, verbally precocious, melodramatic young fag who gets possessed by the spirit of Aphrodite and uses his newfound powers to reek havoc on the lives of the people who've disappointed him. ...I've been working on bringing my performance fashion into queer nightlife communities, and sometimes in those places I go by the name of TinTim. Tintim got her own facebook page, you can look her up.

THE SOCIAL JUSTICE PART: My parents raised me as a leftist person of faith in the United Methodist Church, then I completed my degree in Women's and Gender Studies at DePaul University, then I decided to commit my life to contributing to movement building around the intersections of different systems of oppression, and then I worked for almost five years at Crossroads Fund, a progressive public foundation supporting grassroots organizers and activists in the Chicago area, and now I am completing a Masters of Education at UIC in urban youth development and doing some consulting/free-lance work in research, analysis & communications (including foundation relations).

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, September 27

6:00pm MDT